Irradiance Data Cleaning

Do you want to know how much power your PV plant should have produced?​

Start by understanding how much sunlight it really received. Pyranometers give vital measurements of irradiance, but their data is not always reliable.​ What is needed is a way of detecting the bad data and replacing it with a good estimate.

Missing data is easy to spot; GPM have also developed tools to identify when data is wrong in more subtle ways.​ Once a problem is detected, data from other sensors can be used to replace what is missing.

The irradiance cleaner can detect different types of issues:

  • Sensor Tilt Orientation Issue
  • Sensor Azimuth Orientation Issue
  • Sensor Outlier or Lost Calibration Issue
  • Sensor Missing Data
  • Sensor out of range
  • Sensor stuck value or dead sensor

Significance of Cleaned Irradiance Sensor Data

  • True solar PV plant performance evaluation
  • Increase in energy forecasting accuracy
  • Accurate annual operational plan
  • Accurate optimization of O&M activities
  • Accurate monthly reporting

A complete, reliable, set of irradiance data opens the door to high quality production reports and performance analysis.​

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