GPM Portal

Highlights of GPM Portal

A web-based renewable asset monitoring solution for seamless plant management anywhere, anytime.

Real time monitoring

Alarms configuration

Automatic reports

Flexible integration

Completely scalable

Intuitive interface

Monitor renewable assets to the maximum potential

Custom look & feel

Customize the monitoring platform with your company colors and logo.

Full portfolio scalability

Our solution covers everything from small-scale projects to full-scale utility plants.

Detailed user control

Permission-able settings to view only the data and the tools to access.

Adaptive design

View your projects on any web browser or on-the-go with your mobile device.

Prioritize maintenance events

Access a complete picture of your portfolio to resolve issues quickly.

Optimize site visits

Each alert provides full activation data to make an early diagnosis.

Preventive maintenance

Detect abnormal events before device failures.

Easy alerting

Receive alert notifications via email so you can respond to plant alarms promptly.

Automatic production reporting

Receive your portfolio and project-level reports directly in your inbox at predetermined intervals.

Split into systems

Split large facilities into administrative systems for better management.

Knowledge on hand

Access performance data on mobile device.

Specially designed for:

Plant technicians

Asset owners

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A multi-technology platform that provides real-time analytics for renewable portfolios, enabling timely corrective measures to maximize asset output and minimize costs at the asset and individual unit levels.

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