Highlights of GPM PPC

The GPM PPC is designed to facilitate the integration of power plants into both present and future power systems.
It can establish communication with inverters, wind turbines, and other equipment of any manufacturer.

Act as a main governor and can be configured as a master controller for isolated power systems.

Act as the interface with the grid’s system operator when configured for grid-connected
power plant integration.

Manage real power compensation using Energy Storage Systems and provide the
necessary VAR support for the new generation of flexible grid-connected plants.

Unlock features

Ensure reliable operation, and adjust to changing grid conditions and varying energy sources

Quick interaction with multiple generation units

Manages power, frequency, and ramp parameters from solar, wind, and hybrid plants, providing easy interaction with multiple generation units and a dashboard for set-point achievement.

Flexibility and grid-code friendly

Integrates with Grid Operators, functions as a standalone HW, and allows direct user control via
web-based HMI.

Grid compliant

Provides hot standby and redundancy, ensuring the asset’s Grid Compliant status in all scenarios.

GPM Power Plant Controller allows you to regulate a lot of parameters:

Absolute active power control

Frequency control

Reactive power control

Power factor control

Voltage control

Ramp control (Active and Reacitve power,if needed)

SVC or STATCOMS control

Specially designed for:

Plant technicians

Asset Owners

Control room operators

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