Highlights of GPM SCADA

A local SCADA management solution that provides control over devices, full plant commands, and real-time data for all parameters, paired with the GPM Power Plant Controller for specific control requirements.

Real time monitoring

of alarms



Fully customizable

SCADA layout

O&M management

Control room

Unlock features

Control individual in-plant devices, access entire plant commands, and real-time 1-second data for all parameters

Interactive one-line diagram

Control the status and performance of the middle tension components of your facilities in real-time.

SCADA layout

Visualize and explore the relative power and energy production of all devices.

Main alert grid

Track the incidences of your facility in a single tool, with comprehensive filtering options.

Detailed device information

View the incidents, descriptions, and real-time values of each of your devices in seconds.

Custom advanced alarms

Configure alarms for entire facilities or individual devices, using complex multi-variant activation and deactivation conditions.

Smart alarm evaluation

See the most severe and meaningful alarms whenever multiple alerts arise over the same device or production branch, avoiding alert storming even with thousands of alarms activated.

Integrated ticketing workflow

Activation, notification, assignment, ticketing, complete alert detail and reporting.

Preventive scheduling

Set a preventative scheduling, fully integrated in the alert and ticketing workflow.

Real-time monitoring

Import, filter and normalize any digital or analog output from your devices at a 1-second level.

Industry standard variables

Model the performance ratio, availability, and efficiency KPIs for each device and facility.

Custom variables

Generate custom variables from combinations of other data sources or fixed values.

Full integration

Use any custom or monitored variable in reports, portfolios, charts, and alerts.

Customize with your corporate branding

Integrate the color palette, logo, and other brand elements from your company.

Automatic generation & delivery

Generate email reports to recipients as soon as data is available.

Default and/or custom reports

Use our default report templates or generate your own with your formulas and requirements.

Reporting maintenance

Complete reports on maintenance and alarms.

Power plant controller

Manage the voltage, capacitor banks, power factor, frequency, reactive power, and active power of your assets.

Manual remote command

Manually activate preset commands on any suitable device.

Launch of reactive commands

Configure automated command launch events when the alarm is activated, deactivated, or satisfies specific conditions.

Secure command control

Restrict and record every time a command runs on your devices.

Multiple visualization tools

Visualize any of your variables in tables, scatter line plots or histograms.

Manipulate data series as required

Change the period, granularity, or calculation type of a series in seconds.

Save and export your queries

Save your queries or export them in editable formats.

Compare KPIs

Freely compare monitored, customized, device or facility variables.

Specially designed for:

Field technicians

Control room operators

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Integrated services

In-plant commissioning

Migration and integration

Configuration and settings

Personalized customer support

Remote backup storage