Hight asset efficiency, profitability and performance

Predictive analytics for wind asset monitoring

Horizon Gemini’s Predictive module utilizes AI algorithms, backed by domain expertise, to detect anomalies in CMS vibration and spectra data and in
SCADA data.

Advanced analytics for solar asset monitoring

Horizon Gemini’s advanced analytics module automatically detects
under-performance, downtime, and other issues to enhance asset performance, reliability and profitability.

  • Enhanced asset lifespan and performance
  • Increased dependability and efficiency
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved cost reduction

Predictive analytics for wind asset monitoring

The neural network (AI) is “trained” with the data that was received, and “learns” what a normal operation modus is.
Anomalies can then be detected against this “normal” situation using the developed algorithms if a system or customer-defined threshold is exceeded.

Anomalies are fed into a FMEA Matrix (failure mode and effects analysis) developed by combining the knowledge of data scientists, wind turbine technology specialists and wind farm operations experts. “The FMEA Matrix is an automated decision tree that provides the most probable failure modes for each anomaly or anomaly group”. Failure modes represent the machinery breakdown or operational constraint which may result from the detected anomalies.

Wind turbine operation experts discuss the findings and recommendations of the AI algorithms and evaluate them based on their domain knowledge.
The findings of the AI algorithms are filtered according to the experts’ evaluation on plausibility, severity and urgency. This process minimizes false positives and enriches the algorithms findings and recommendations with experts’ domain knowledge.

AI algorithms, combined with technical and operational expertise, enable the identification of early failures. This prevents expensive machinery breakdowns and related production losses. 

Advanced analytics for solar asset monitoring

Compare main KPIs

The algorithm calculates the actual production vs predicted and theoretical ratios, considering weather corrections and multiple loss categories, to identify the primary cause of lower production.


The Investor Performance Index compares the actual production to your original budget, allowing you to assess and follow up your ROI.


The Operational Performance Index measures the difference between actual production and theoretical production, to assess losses resulting from operational issues.


Track the availability of all devices to detect potential improvement of operational tasks.

Loss partition table

Access a comprehensive breakdown of the portfolio’s loss categories.

Site-level loss partition

View loss partition for individual sites within the portfolio.

Treemap visualization

Understand the magnitude of each loss category graphically.

Dimension of losses

Identify primary loss categories and their impact on energy production.

Site-specific analysis

Identify sites with higher losses, enabling focused analysis and actions to address site-specific challenges.

Evaluate the performance of their energy production assets and identify areas for enhancement.

Waterfall chart

View the variations in energy output from the initial budgeted amount to the final actual energy production, highlighting the various gains and losses.

Granular view

Access a detailed examination of specific sites, devices, or even 
event-related sub-losses.

Custom thresholds

For each category of profits or losses, thresholds can be adjusted to show when they are exceeding expected levels.

Manage and resolve findings related to asset losses.


Customizable table, that allows data sorting and filtering based on specific criteria, like loss category or severity.

Kanban dashboard

Findings of daily management, enabling the execution of corresponding actions to address critical issues.


Based on the data collected by the watchdogs, recommendations are offered to prevent losses.

Is Gemini´s predictive analytics module the right tool for your wind portfolio?

Horizon Gemini’s Predictive module has effectively identified potential damages early, resulting in substantial cost savings for clients.