Highlights of GPM Plus

GPM Plus offers comprehensive resources to manage renewable asset portfolios, including automated reporting, forecasting, maintenance, financial and asset management.

Real-time monitoring

Alarms configuration


Business analytics

Completely scalable

Customizable tools

Asset management

Tracking financial

O&M management

Control room

Explore the advanced features

Portfolio overviews

Feed your control room with our portfolio dashboards.

Plant dashboards & layout

Manage and monitor your plants through line graphs, SCADA layouts or plant dashboards.

Portfolio alert manager

Manage all portfolio alerts in a comprehensive view that includes critical actionable information directly linked to GPM’s ticketing tool.

Detailed device information

Quickly view the incidences, descriptions and real-tme values of each one of your devices.

Custom alarms

Configure plant or device alarms using complex activation and deactivation conditions.

Intelligent alarm evaluation

Scalable management of alarms, inhibiting redundant alarms and highlighting those most priority, even with thousands of alarms configured.

Integrated ticketing system

Activation, notification, maintenance, detailed alarm information and reports.

Preventive maintenance planning

Organize a calendar of preventive tasks, integrated with the ticketing system.

Custom business variables

Add any business-specific variables you require and compare them against a fixed or dynamic goal.

Calculation of losses

Estimate losses for each of your alarms.

Lens control panel

Compare the performance of your assets against daily, monthly, and yearly targets.

Contractual calculations

Label events that are outside your responsibility to be factored into the calculations.

Multiple visualization tools

Visualize any of your variables in tables, scatter line plots or histograms.

Customize the series as required

Change the period, granularity, or calculation type of a series in seconds.

Save and export your queries

Save your queries or export them in editable formats.

Compare KPIs

Freely compare monitored, customized, device or facility variables.

Customize according to your corporate branding

Use your template, colors, labels, and logos in reports.

Send automated reports via email

Generate email reports to recipients as soon as data is available.

Default and/or custom reports

Use our default reports or generate your own with your formulas and requirements.

Reporting maintenance

Complete maintenance and alarm reports.

Specially designed for:

Plant technicians

Asset managers

Asset owners

Control room operators

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