GPM Cloud Solutions

Manage multiple wind, solar and storage plants with a single, all-in one program.

Are you a technical asset manager who wants to check whether the O&M/OEM has achieved contractual availability?

Do you want real-time visibility and control over your wind and solar assets?

Leverage our cloud solutions, with robust capabilities for renewable asset management, including data storage, remote monitoring, advanced analytics, reporting, and financial, operational, and maintenance functions.

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AI-powered cloud solutions for enhanced capabilities

Main Features
GPM Plus & GPM Horizon
GPM Portal

Real-Time Monitoring

Historical Analysis

Five minute Data

Sacalable for utility-scale plants

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Customizable Automated Reports

Live Support and Quarterly Updates

Easily Export Data/Charts

Fully Configurable and Customizable

O&M Management

Ticketing and Event Tracking

Tracking Financial Status

Control Room Display

Advanced Business Intelligence Analytics

Remote Command and Controls

Asset Management

Portfolio Management


On-Site Control Room

Power Plant Controller (PPC)

Local SCADA Servers

One Second Data

Advanced Analytics and Predictive Diagnostics

Seamlessly scalable for managing utility-scale renewable plants.

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