First look at our Energy Storage MVP

    Our minimum viable product (MVP) defines the needs of an asset owner and manager while effectively integrating advanced storage asset analytics and financial data.


    Real-time data monitoring for storage sites focused on performance and revenue indicators for target users. At the bank level, users can analyze asset performance of individual banks, allowing them to check the bank’s status, operational limits, and visualize benchmarks comparing signals from other sites.

    Storage Performance dashboard

    Detailed overview of a site’s performance, including charging and discharging behaviors, system temperature, individual bank status, alarms, and interconnections and a concise overview of the short-term energy status of a site, outlining the current energy production.

    Financial dashboard

    The financial dashboard enables users to analyze revenue streams from energy storage and sales, utilizing insights from hybrid or standalone plant operations. It provides a comprehensive understanding of battery charging/discharging behavior, SoC, and factors compatible with solar or wind plant’s current and projected power output.


    Users can check site-specific past performance and financial data. At the bank level, users can analyze the past performance of individual banks, allowing them to monitor energy throughput, charging and discharging and SoC behavior, cycle count, state of health progression.

    Performance, Usage & Heatmap dashboards

    The Performance and Usage dashboards allow users to analyze site behavior, energy throughput, and round-trip efficiency, while the Heatmap dashboard provides visual representation of charging status, absolute average power, and system temperature for a selected time period.

    Financial dashboard

    This dashboard will help users understand their past revenue from storing and selling energy to the grid. It will also analyze the revenue and operational difference between the actual charging and discharging performance and the one suggested by our innovative algorithm.

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