Evaluating wind plant performance: Key metrics for success

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy, the operational efficiency and the performance of wind plants are paramount factors in ensuring sustainable energy generation. As stakeholders and industry experts navigate…

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The role of machine learning in wind plant analytics

The Role of Machine Learning in Wind Plant Analytics.

As the world seeks to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, wind power has emerged as a formidable contender in the race to combat climate change and reduce…

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DNV and GreenPowerMonitor are launching a Joint Industry Project to design the maintenance log of the future

DNV and GPM strives to improve machine learning-based maintenance models by introducing high-quality standardized logs, currently lacking in the industry DNV and GreenPowerMonitor are launching a Joint Industry Project (JIP)…

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Application of Predictive Maintenance in wind asset management

GPM Horizon 2.0 – Predictive Module designed to optimize wind asset performance

Market Situation Predictive analytics and maintenance are becoming increasingly important in the wind renewable industry, as operators seek to optimize performance, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. The market for these…

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GPM at the Cleanpower 2023 event to showcase the new features of GPM Horizon, the multi-technology dashboard for renewable energy asset management

GreenPowerMonitor will attend the Cleanpower 2023 Event, on 22-25 May in New Orleans, LA.

GreenPowerMonitor will attend the CleanPower 2023 event, organised by American Clean Power Association (ACP). Send us a meeting request with our experts here: GPM at Clean Power 2023 – DNV Our highly motivated team…

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