Series: GreenPowerMonitor amazing “QuaranTeam” – Custumer Success

GreenPowerMonitor_ Quaranteam series_Enric Manez

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, keeps intact its commitment to the highest quality thanks to its professionals. Engineers, technicians, developers … a whole team that has worked, and is working to be close to customers and their projects.

Enric Máñez López is Customer Success Software Solutions Coordinator & Key Account Manager. He owns a degree in Marine Engineering and has been leading the Customer Success Software Solutions team for more than a year now, working in coordination with Project Execution, Quality Analysts and Product Owners. Besides, Enric is responsible for managing some of the largest portfolios that the company monitors.
The Customer Success department has a total of 20 professionals who work globally to be close to customers and their renewable projects from Spain, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Japan.



How is the Customer Success department managing the challenges derived from COVID-19?

We can say that our team is managing this phase with more than satisfactory results: from the beginning of the quarantine until today we have solved more than 2,600 global incidents and have made a total of 190 hardware configurations remotely.
For sure it has been a challenge, however, working remotely did not prevent us from meeting our goals. High response times have been maintained and very positive results have been achieved.
The Customer Success team is very versatile and is always ready to stay near to the customer. Our philosophy has always been clear: a united team despite distances, enthusiastic for challenges and always adaptable to customer needs.


What new measures have you taken? How has your relationship with the customer changed?

Helping customers is part of the DNA of our team. Therefore, we have promoted, more than ever, a series of measures:
1) Interdepartmental communication has been increased to guarantee coordination.

2) External communication has also grown, opting for even more frequent and close contact with customers. For this, a series of measures have been developed:

• Improving response times to incidents.
• Increasing in the number of meetings.
• Constant information on the measures taken by GPM to face the COVID 19.

3) Visibility to all the extra services that GPM have offered to alleviate the consequences of COVID 19, such as remote configurations.

To sum up, it is essential to convey the idea that our team is always by the client’s side anywhere he is so that his commitment to renewable energy stays strong.


How is your department contributing to the success of GPM?

The Customer Success department is the link between customers and other GPM departments. In this sense, we have reinforced internal bridges, contributed with new ideas and offered our help to be able to cope all together with the new situation.
Besides, we truly believe that is thank to us that customers feel that their projects, their daily operations and their problems are listened and resolved. Therefore, we have focused our energies on increasing our presence and closeness with them.
Consequently, the contribution of CS has been to help to ensure our clients are more relaxed while they feel protected and cared in every situation.