Series: GreenPowerMonitor amazing “QuaranTeam” – Software

GreenPowerMonitor_ Quaranteam series_Roger Bertran

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, maintain intact its commitment to high thanks to its professionals. Engineers, technicians, developers … a whole team that has worked, and works to be close to customers and their projects.

Roger Bertran Capdevila is Team Leader and Front-end Developer of the GPM Horizon platform. He has a Degree in Computer Engineering and he has been leading for more than a year now a team of 5 developers in charge of the front-end of the GPM Horizon platform.


How is the Software Development department facing the challenges caused by COVID-19?

Regarding the Software department, the most important challenge we had to face has been working remotely 100% of our workday. In our team we have some members who do it regularly, so we had already the tools, procedures and resources. Technically we were well prepared for such a step.

This transition has led to a challenge at the organizational level and in team dynamics as well. To solve this, it has been essential to increasing communication and cooperation. Thanks to the efforts of all the team, we have continued with our development plan without suffering any alterations.


What new measures have you taken? How have you reinforced the team dynamics?

We didn’t need any technical changes to continue delivering results successfully, however, we had to reinforced certain aspects that we consider essential, such as communication, coordination, and cooperation between team members.

Besides, we have introduced new teams’ dynamics that ensure that we continue to work with the expected quality. For example, we have encouraged the use of the camera during calls, the creation of channels dedicated to specific topics, one-to-one conversations for personal monitoring, etc. We work remotely, but we are more together than ever.

All along with the lockdown, the teams have made a great effort to cooperate and communicate more and better with each other and with the rest of the teams.


How is the Software Development department contributing to the GPM success?

The main objective of the Software department is to offer the best and most advanced version of our products. We work together with the Product department to analyze, develop and incorporate new functionalities every quarter.

We want our clients to have at their disposal new and updated functionalities that add extra value to their renewable projects.

We are aware that we are part of an energy transition. We not only develop software solutions, we are part of the wave of change towards a more sustainable future. That is why we are proud to know that more than 700 clients around the world and their renewable energy projects benefit from our developments.