Self-consumption: new facilities in Senegal and Turkey

GreenPowerMonitor autoconsumo - selfconsumptionGreenPowerMonitor has two new self-consumption facilities under management. The first one is located in Senegal, about 30km from Dakar and is a 2MW solar farm. The second is a rural facility of 10kW in Turkey. Both self-consumption plants pursue the same goal: to supply the consumption needs and reduce the electricity bill.

These projects are a proof that not only Spain walks towards to new models of energy generation by clean technologies but also other countries are moving toward to new forms of production and consumption.

GreenPowerMonitor is truly involved in providing to its customers technological solutions for managing and monitoring self-consumption facilities. Moreover, thanks to its smart solution “GPM Zero Injection” GreenPowerMonitor is able to guarantee that energy will never be injected into the grid.

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