How the GPM Power Plant Controller is compliant with grid codes for solar, wind and hybrid plants

GreenPowerMonitor_GPM Power Plant controller

Power Plant Controller (PPC) is a control system that ensures that the grid codes are meet by the RE power plants allowing the assets to be connected to the grid in a more safe and friendlier way.

GPM PPC allows a complete regulation and direct control over all the devices since it can manage real and reactive power from solar, wind and diesel-hybrid plants. GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company has developed it to be the main governor in your power plant and to be able to communicate with all branded inverters and to receive commands, wind turbines and other equipment.

Why you need GPM Power Plant Controller

Since 2011 requirements towards the RE plants have increased consistently. Nowadays in almost all the plants around the world, when you connect them to the grid you need to install a PPC in order to meet all the grid code requirements, such as voltage and frequency controls, active and reactive adjustments and you need also to be able to connect the conventional power sources like inverters and the wind turbines with other complementary systems, like STATCOMS, capacitor banks and battery storage.

For these reasons we designed the GPM PPC. The software allows renewable energy plants to increase their capacities and versatility and provide more types of support to the grid.

The latest technical developments of GPM PPC

• GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, is the first certified manufacturer for the commercial use of the Power Plant Controller (PPC) in accordance with the NTS 631, the new technical standard for the supervision of the compliance of electricity generation modules, according to the European regulation EU 2016/631.

• GPM PPC incorporates new types of controls to insert BESS in the control algorithms.

• It adds dynamic models that fit various grid codes (network codes) and requirements on various platforms.

GPM PPC: Maximum Compatibility and Adaptability

• The main advantage of GPM PPC is its adaptability to various grid codes and compatibility with many inverter manufacturers, Statcoms, Capacitor Banks, BESS.

• It allows a control of active and reactive power, ramp control, various types of voltage and frequency control.

• It facilitates the integration and hybridization of renewable energy plants by introducing the BESS.

• The flexibility of the GPM PPC allows our engineers to develop new functionalities adapted to each project.


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