How GPM’ data cleansing will optimize your data quality

GreenPowerMonitor_Data cleansing

Data Cleansing for irradiance is a feature that helps the correction of the possible inaccuracies of the data received so any calculation using inaccurate data does not suffer of cascading effects.

Inaccurate data can lead to inaccurate decisions and we can see that every day is more important to increase the quality of the data after acquiring it.


How we apply data cleansing to our services

GPM can setup Data Cleansing for Irradiance in both GPM Plus and GPM SCADA solutions by creating a duplicated variable where the user will be able to upload data in order to see a corrected layer superposed to the original values.
The process of uploading data using the duplicated variables follows a customizable workflow and form that can be tailored for each customer.


The 3 main benefits

Some of the key benefits of using GPM Data Cleansing for Irradiance are:

  • Original data obtained from the site is always kept intact
  • More accurate KPIs as a result of better upstream data
  • The cleansing process is tracked as part of the Ticketing system


If you want to know more about our data cleansing application, contact our team of experts and we will schedule a demo for you: