GreenPowerMonitor ranks #3 worldwide among independent PV monitoring software vendors



  • GreenPowerMonitor, now part of DNV GL, keeps gaining market share and showed the fastest growth in the utility PV monitoring software market in H1 2017.
  • As of June, 30th, GreenPowerMonitor manages 8.2 GW of solar energy plants.
  • The company accumulates almost 16 GW in its portfolio between solar and wind energy.
  • GreenPowerMonitor is the #2 worldwide independent software vendor in the utility segment.


Recently, GTM Research and SOLICHAMBA released the Global PV Monitoring 2017-2022* report: a solar industry’s analysis on global PV monitoring, and control software markets, technologies and vendors.


According to “Global PV Monitoring 2017-2022”, GreenPowerMonitor has gained market share in 2016 and H1 2017 and is positioned as one of the fastest-growing independent software vendor (ISV) of PV monitoring worldwide (the fastest-growing in the utility segment).

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Currently, GPM ranks #3 global and #2 global ISV in the utility segment. As of June 30th 2017, GPM has a portfolio of 8.2GW and over 2,300 solar energy plants under management.


In Europe, GreenPowerMonitor continues to grow steadily and now has 4GW, with a portfolio of more than 1,800 facilities in 15 different countries.


North America shows an incredible growth and reaches 2.2GW, which includes reference installations in California of 266MW and 130MW, 160MW in Texas, and more than 370MW in Canada.


Latin America is one of the areas with the fastest growth forecast and GreenPowerMonitor is one of the leading companies. GPM started its expansion in 2013 and during this time it reinforced its position among 19 countries with a portfolio of 1GW which includes the biggest PV plant in Latin America, a 254MW located in Brazil.


APAC is also a very successful area where GPM manages 800MW. Recently, the company starts to operate in Australia, where GPM already consolidates a portfolio of 370MW.


Nevertheless, one of the most interesting grows happened in the Middle East where GPM has a portfolio of 500MW. Recently, GreenPowerMonitor was selected to provide monitoring solutions to manage the 200MW second phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, the largest renewable energy power plant in the Middle East.


Juan Carlos Arévalo, CEO of GreenPowerMonitor said “we are always focused on customer needs. Our goal is to provide the most powerful and flexible managing solutions to our clients. We work hard to offer the best service and be part of their company success. This is the key to GPM’s success“.

This shows that GPM reinforces its position as one of the largest companies in the sector and always looking to develop its business.



About GreenPowerMonitor:

GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), now part of DNV GL, is an international company that offers products and services in the renewable energy sector. With more than 9 years’ experience, GPM has consolidated its position as the independent leader in management, monitoring and control of renewable energy installations with almost 16 GW globally managed (solar and wind) and more than 2,700 facilities across the globe.

GPM has a great depth of experience with renewable energy plants ranging from 2 kW to 300MW capacity across the globe. The company offers a market-leading integrated solution set for the management and maintenance of renewable energy installations that includes Hardware, Software and Services unmatched in the industry.

Currently, GreenPowerMonitor is present worldwide: Europe (Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Poland and Greece), North Africa (Morocco), Middle-East (UAE, Turkey and Palestine), North & South America (USA, Mexico, Chile), and Asia-Pacific (India, Thailand, Philippines, Japan and Australia).


*This report about global PV monitoring markets, trends, and leading players is authored by Cedric Brehaut, Executive Consultant and founder of SOLICHAMBA, and published by GTM Research. More information please visit