GreenPowerMonitor launches new advanced analytics platform

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The market is advancing quickly in the area of advanced analytics to improve the operational management of renewable assets, with customers requiring specific solutions to calculate tailored KPIs that help fulfil dedicated analysis and contractual needs. GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV company, has always provided customized KPIs through its solutions and is now stepping further by delivering a platform that can host flexible tools and bespoke advanced analytics.


GPM’s new advanced analytics platform

GPM has built an analysis platform and has applied it to one of our key customers, ENGIE, in order to deliver advanced KPIs that fulfil the customer’s contractual requirements and allow them to analyze and report the performance of their assets.

This is quite a unique solution allowing maximum flexibility to respond to advanced analytics needs by enabling our customers to output custom KPIs, saving precious processing time and minimizing costly billing errors.


Flexibility brought to the user

Customers coming to GPM have many different requirements, especially in terms of data and calculations, which can vary greatly depending on the company and contracts in place. Our vision is to enable maximum flexibility by ensuring customers or our team of domain experts create and deploy algorithms, no matter how complex, that meet bespoke needs. Today our vison has become reality and the newly created analysis platform has enabled a strong cooperation between our experts and our customers to create algorithms that produce country and assets specific KPIs.

The combination of our Project Execution team, our Domain Knowledge Team and our technical team, together with GPM’s data and domain expertise, has enabled us to deliver outstanding results to our customer ENGIE.


New analytics platform solutions

Thanks to GPM’s robust architecture and data management capabilities, the analysis platform interacts directly with the customer environment running advanced analytics on data acquired from the assets. The algorithms produce the required output calculations, in this case the required KPIs used for reporting purposes. Processed data is delivered regularly, despite the convoluted calculation process. The digital nature of the platform enables a close cooperation with our customers. A collective involvement in the definition and setup of the calculations, followed by short loops of validation, significantly increases efficiency limiting rework and further interventions. The results are conveniently ingested and visualized directly in our tools (GPM Plus, GPM Scada and GPM Horizon) and safely stored in our data lake for further reference. Consistency is guaranteed by running the algorithms seamlessly and using their results in the form of reports or data in GPM tools, without the need of tedious and error-prone copy and paste in Excel or other external tools. The net product is a significant reduction in time and effort required to perform the reporting and identify potential errors.


Contact our technical representatives

If you want to know more about GPM’s new advanced analytics platform, you can request a demonstration with our technical representatives for a thorough presentation:

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