Great growth of GreenPowerMonitor in the Americas

GreenPowerMonitor increases its portfolio in the Americas 2GreenPowerMonitor, in 2016, has been ranked as one of the worldwide leading companies among independent providers of management, control and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic plants. According to “Global PV Monitoring 2016-2020” GreenPowerMonitor ranked #2 in the Americas and #3 globally among ISV monitoring firms in the utility-scale segment thanks to the GPM PV SCADA solution.

Currently, GreenPowerMonitor has a very intensive activity with 60MW fully commissioned solar plant in Canada and three large PV projects almost fully commissioned in Texas, California and  Canada of 350MW combined.  Moreover, recently, GreenPowerMonitor won two large PV projects in New York and Mississippi of 74MW combined.

There is no doubt that GPM PV SCADA has become a referent manging solution in the photovoltaic market and this success reinforces the company’s position in North America, where it has a portfolio of 1.4GW just in North America.