GPM Self-consumption

Zero injection and other customizable solutions

GreenPowerMonitor has developed a smart solution for self-consumption that guarantees
controlled energy management for any residential and commercial installation.

GPM Self-consumption is a smart regulation solution that provides dynamic control of the power delivered
by one or several inverters, depending on the client’s consumption level.


Real-time control

Provides real time
dynamic power controls
to any energy plant.

Energy analysis

Analyzes energy demand
and production data
in real-time.


Custom thresholds
for project requirements.


Satisfies a large variety of regulations and requirements depending on the project.


Controls power output
for zero injection
into the grid.


Reliable, tested and
proven solution for all
the energy management needs.

Supported brands

GPM Self-consumption supports all market leading inverters.


UNE 217001 certificate

The GPM Self-consumption solution has received the UNE 217001 certificate. This guarantees the regulation of the inverters’ output power under current regulations, and that there is zero injection into the electric grid.

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