GPM Horizon
One tool.
A world full of possibilities

One tool. A world full of possibilities

Online Multi-Technology monitoring asset manager platform for mixed renewable
portfolios that includes Solar, Storage and Wind capabilities at the moment.

Born to shine

– Technical monitoring platform
– CMMS functionalities (for O&M Roles)
– Asset management functionalities

– Flexible reporting
– Solar, Storage and Wind in one tool
– Customizable interface


Workstation Enhanced Experience

Display agnostic architecture allows for GPM Horizon
to run in any device. Launch dashboards and
tools specifically designed for multiscreen workstation operation.

Trusted management

KPI Builder

Customize your KPIs to
compliment those that will be
appearing out of the box. Tailor
your indicators to maximize your
analytic capabilities and your
team’s ability to spot incidences.


Role and permission sensitive
Fleet Management designed to
provide a birds eye over the real
time status of the portfolio in
addition to offer analytics and
management tools.

Financial Performance

Overlook financial performance of
your assets in executive
dashboards designed for Asset
Owners and mobile displays.

Light and dark

Feel the experience

Real time monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor the asset behaviors and
performance in real time in dedicated at
portfolio, site and device level.

Advanced Alarms

Advanced Alarms

Setup a tailored alarm system that will
autonomously evaluate and notify your
fleet of operators when something is not
performing as expected.

NOC Experience

Noc Experience

Specifically designed for Real Time
Fleet Management, pull up
operational dashboards to boost
control room operations.

Embeded Responsive Interface

Embeded Responsive Interface

Launch the application on your
smartphone, tablet or desktop.
Dashboards and look and feel will
accommodate to the available real estate.

Operational Asset Management

Operational Asset

Run your operations from your dispatch
center by allocating tasks, programing
recurrent works in addition to reporting on
your operational KPIs.

Customizable O&M workflow

Customizable O&M

State of the art O&M framework, designed
to support multiple workflows, forms and
particularities organically embedded and
in sync with the robust GPM Alarming

Operational Analytics


Run data analytics on demand. Plot series
to run XY analysis in an intuitive way.

Customizable reports


Run reports at will. Export large amounts
of data sets for offline data massaging
and trend analytics.

Report automatization


Program reports to be recurrently
generated and emailed to your
inbox right on time.

control room dark mode

Control Room
Dark Mode

User centric designed experience to help
your crew stay active and focused by
presenting data in the least intrusive way.

Integrated Services

In-plant commissioning
Migration & integration services

Configuration & setting services
Personalized customer support

Server maintenance
Remote back-up data storage

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