GreenPowerMonitor will attend the Future Energy Asia Event 2024

GPM to attend Future energy asia 2024

As a leading provider of renewable energy management solutions, we are excited to showcase our latest innovations and expertise in the renewable energy sector. At the Future Energy Asia 2024, attendees can expect to learn about our cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of renewable energy assets. From advanced monitoring and analytics to predictive maintenance and asset management, GreenPowerMonitor offers a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize the potential of your renewable asset investments.

Highlights of the event

GPM Horizon

One of the highlights of our participation will be the demonstration of our flagship product, GPM Horizon. This AI-powered multi-technology platform provides real-time insights and actionable data to help renewable energy operators monitor, analyze, and optimize their wind, solar and storage assets for maximum performance and reliability.

In Asia Pacific, by 2030, renewable energy is forecasted to constitute 36-38% of total power generation in alignment with the nation’s net-zero carbon emissions goal. Manual data acquisition remains prevalent among energy operators, highlighting the need for predictive maintenance applications to automate processes and ensure reliable data for streamlined reporting. GPM Horizon provides an optimal solution for predicting and addressing these risks. Particularly, Horizon Gemini, our predictive and advanced analytics module, stands out for its ability to detect and resolve potential anomalies and damages in assets months ahead of time, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

We are boosting asset reliability with machine learning algorithms in predictive maintenance.

At GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), we’re at the forefront of driving asset reliability through the power of machine learning algorithms. Our expertise lies in harnessing the potential of predictive diagnostics, where machine learning becomes a game-changer in optimizing renewable energy assets. Through innovative approaches outlined in our recent article, “Boost Asset Reliability: Humanizing Machine Learning in Predictive Diagnostics,” we showcase how these algorithms can revolutionize asset management. By analyzing vast amounts of data, our machine learning models predict potential anomalies and issues well in advance, enabling proactive maintenance strategies that enhance asset performance and reliability. With GPM, you can trust in cutting-edge technology to maximize the potential of your renewable energy investments.

Do you want to meet us and talk to our renewable energy experts?

We look forward to connecting with fellow industry professionals and sharing our expertise at the Future Energy Asia 2024. Fill in the form to request a meeting with our team who will be available to answer questions, provide demonstrations, and offer insights on renewable energy management best practices.


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