GPM Partner Asunim commissions the first zero grid injection systems in Turkey

Asunim_AksarayEight photovoltaic systems with grid backup and zero grid injection of self-consumed PV electricity named “Solar Equality” are now operating in Aksaray province. They supply solar electricity to municipal pump stations.

The project “Solar Equality” is a grid parity milestone project and was subsidized by the provincial administration of Aksaray. The aim of this incentive was lowering the electricity bills of eight economically limited villages in the region of Aksaray. The systems produce solar electricity to run the water pumps which are feeding the water towers of the villages and supply clean water provided with renewable energy to the residents. Whenever there is solar irradiation, all or part of the required electricity is covered by solar and on a yearly average more than 50% of the total electricity demand is produced with solar on site.

Low incentives or even negative attitude towards PV regarding public grid stability, combined with elevated electricity prices have led the way to new and promising solutions for self-consumption with zero grid injection. These systems do not feed any PV electricity into the grid and have become quite popular and reliable in several European markets in recent years. When there is no PV electricity due to low irradiation, the grid serves as a backup and the system design is done according to customer-specific load profiles maximizing return on investment.

Asunim Group now installed 8 of these systems in Turkey through its subsidiary Asunim Türkiye and in partnership with Aksaray Enerji. The systems have a total capacity of 150kW divided in 8 different locations with different installed capacities. Apart from the zero injection switchboards developed by Asunim and Greenpower Monitor, reliable solar modules from Yingli Solar and maintenance-free, highly efficient Inverters from Advanced Energy that communicate well with the zero injection kits were installed. Special care was taken by Asunim’s engineering department to design the systems according to electrical demand and climatic data on site.

Asunim Group and GreenPowerMonitor from Spain hold an important stake on research and development of these solutions.

 “By introducing this very reliable and promising future technology, we have taken an important step toward the future of solar energy in Turkey. There are in total 8 systems from 10kW up to 35kW operating with this principle. Through this technology, we are able to adjust the system output according to the consumption in real time.

If the consumption is lower, we lower the production and thanks to the solution developed with our partner GreenPowerMonitor we can guarantee that there is no electricity injection to the public grid. I am also delighted to announce this partnership with GreenPowerMonitor officially” Umut Gürbüz (Managing Partner of Asunim Türkiye) says.

“According to the official Turkish regulation no: 28783, article 5, section (ç) systems that use the whole amount of the electricity produced without injecting to the grid, are exempt from gathering any license or being obliged to execute any electricity sales actvity under an SPV.

Another important benefit of going zero injection, is that there is no legal cap on the installed capacity. With this technology, we are able to avoid complex and lengthy bureaucratic steps and system size limitations for our customers. We are making them self sufficient for their own consumption.

We believe that this concept, of which we are already one of the pioneers in Europe, plays a big role in the future of solar energy and is the key to the decentralized solar revolution. We are constantly working on implementing this technology for any system scale and we are able to provide people worldwide with their basic right of producing their own energy.”

About Asunim:

Asunim Türkiye is a member of international Asunim Group and a leading company in the photovoltaic solar energy sector in Turkey as an EPC provider. It has strengthened its position as one of the main players in the PV industry in Turkey and will continue to implement roof top and ground mounted systems in Turkey in 2015.

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About GreenPowerMonitor:

GreenPowerMonitor has become the independent leader in Monitoring, Controls and Asset Management of PV facilities. GPM has a great depth of experience with 2GW under management and more than 1,500 renewable energy plants ranging from 2kW – 266MW capacity across the globe. GPM creates industry leading solutions to manage fleets of PV assets with the ability to control single PV plants in real-time.

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About Advanced Energy:

Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) is a global leader in innovative power and control technologies for high-growth, precision power conversion solutions. Advanced Energy is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, with dedicated support and service locations around the world.