Monitoring Infrastructure


Monitoring Infrastructure 4


Data acquisition systems for collecting data from the energy plant and/or additional external sensors.


Transmission systems for sending data to a central server which collects the information from the photovoltaic plants.


The servers offer high security features and data duplication.  The distributed and scalable server architecture guarantees the consistency and high availability of the monitored data.


Monitoring systems and on-site GPM Plus management. In addition to monitoring, it also integrates tools for financial, operational and maintenance management. Designed to make it possible to manage multiple plants with a single, all-in-one program. Allows for Control Room mode.


Remote monitoring systems from the GPM Portal.

The information received in real time can be viewed remotely at the GPM Portal:


The platform provides an immediate reading of data which minimizes reaction time. Its proprietary command module can act directly on remote devices to change their state immediately.