GPM Dynamics Simulations


The need of perform dynamic studies of generating power plants is increasing nowadays. Some of the last electric grid codes updates, require documents or plant models evidencing the compliance of the minimum technical requirements in order to keep the plant operating.


The dynamic simulations executed by means of PSS/E allow implement studies about the plant behavior either in front of incidences occurrence in the external electric grid or in front of set points changes in the outgoing active power, reactive power or power factor and other perturbations.




Main service characteristics

Compiling all the information needed about the electric interfering elements of the plant, like the transformers, cables, protections configuration and the dynamic models of the inverters, protections and Power Plant controller it is possible to carry out:

  • Creation of plant dynamic and steady state models.
  • Dynamic simulations of grid perturbances, voltage dips and LVRT (Low voltage ride through) compliance.
  • Active power – frequency regulation simulations.
  • Simulations of the regulations performed by the PPC (Power Plant Controller),
    • Active Power control
    • Reactive Power control
    • Power factor control
    • Voltage control (VRS)
  • Simulations of zero reactive power exchange with the grid.
  • Perturbations like irradiation changes or others.
  • Creation of component models in PSS/E.