GPM Power Plant Controller

Complete regulation and direct control over devices

The GPM Power Plant Controller is a control system that can manage real and reactive power
from solar, wind and diesel-hybrid plants.

Powerful and Capable

Developed to be integrated into a power plant as a main governor, it can communicate with all branded Inverters able to receive commands, Wind Turbines and other equipment, like Statcoms, Capacitor Banks and Storage Systems, maximizing and improving the integration of the Power Plants in nowadays and future Power Systems.

Easy & quick interaction with several generation units





Flexibility and Grid Code Friendly

GPM Power plant Controller also provides a complete integration with the Grid Operators, communicating and providing the flexibility to be adapted to each requirement. GPM PPC is able to work as a Stand Alone HW, that works perfectly with GPM SCADA, providing a Global perfect partner to control and monitor the site. The Web Based HMI also allows the user to directly connect to the PPC and take control over the site if required without intermediates.


Redundancy is another possibility that the GPM PPC can handle. Hot Standby is available in order to provide the higher confidence that the Asset is going to be Grid Compliant in all scenarios and improving and maximizing benefits.

Controls carried out by the GPM PPC:

GPM Power Plant Controller allows you to regulate a lot of parameters:

Absolute Active Power Control
Frequency Control
Reactive Power Control
Power Factor Control
Voltage Control
Ramp Control (Active and Reactive Power if needed)
SVC or STATCOMS control

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