GPM Plus

Fleet & Portfolio management for renewable portfolios

A real-time monitoring program to manage every level of your portfolio


GPM Plus is a real-time monitoring and management program that gives you the tools you need to manage every level of your extensive portfolio of plants: plant supervision and operation, maintenance management, financial and asset management, automated reporting, forecasting and so much more.

Highlights of GPM Plus



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Business intelligence:






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Control room

Manage every level of your
extensive portfolio

Main Features

Control Room Monitoring

Control Room Monitoring

Portfolio overviews Feed your control room with our portfolio dashboards.

Plant dashboards & layout Manage and monitor your plants through their one-line diagram, SCADA layout or plant dashboard.

Portfolio alert manager Manage all portfolio alerts in a comprehensive view that includes critical actionable info directly linked to the GPM ticketing tool.

Detailed device information Quickly view the incidences, descriptions and real time values of each one of your devices.

Full Data Customization

Full Data Customization

Monitored variables Import, filter and normalize any digital or analog output from your devices.

Industry standard variables Model the performance ratio, availability and efficiency KPIs for each device and facility.

Custom variables Generate custom variables from combinations of other DataSources or fixed values.

Full integration Use any monitored or custom variable in alarms, chartings, reports or portfolios.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Multiple visualization tools Plot any of your variables in tables, charts, scatter plots or even histograms.

Flexible data settings Explore the period, granularity or grouping method of any series in seconds.

Save & export your queries Save your queries to later reuse them or export the resulting values in formatted files.

Compare KPIs Compare any combination of monitored and/or modeled variables from any of your facilities.

O&M Management

O&M Management

Custom advanced alarms Define facility or device alarms, using complex boolean logic activation and deactivation conditions.

Smart alarm evaluation Whenever multiple alerts arise over the same device or production branch, only the most severe and meaningful are provided, voiding alert storming even with thousands of alarms running.

Integrated ticketing workflow Activation, notification, assignment, ticketing, complete alert detail and reporting.

Preventative scheduling Set preventative scheduling, fully integrated in the alert and ticketing workflow.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Custom business variables Add any business specific KPIs and compare it against a fixed or dynamic model.

Profit loss calculation Monetize the impact of each of your alerts.

Model vs Actual Compare the actual performance of your assets against your modeled production values.

Contractual exemptions Highlight events beyond your responsibility and edit KPIs.

Automatic Reporting

Automatic Reporting

Use your company’s look Use your company template, color palette and logo.

Automatic generation & delivery Fully automated to generate and deliver the report to any amount of email recipients.

Template & custom reports Use one of our existing reports or generate a custom one, using your own formulas.

Maintenance reporting Full alert and ticketing reporting.

Specially designed for

Field Technicians      I      Asset Managers      I      Asset Owners      I      Control Room Operators

Integrated Services

In-plant commissioning Migration & integration services

Configuration & setting services Personalized customer support

Server maintenance Remote back-up data storage

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