GreenPowerMonitor increases its portfolio in the US

GreenPowerMonitor has an extraordinary growth in North America

GreenPowerMonitor has arrived in the United States in 2011 and since then, the company has built an excellent reputation in the important North American PV industry. Currently, the company has…

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GPM Power Plant Controller  new features

GPM Power Plant Controller’s new features impresses the sector

The aim of the Investment and Research department of GreenPowerMonitor is to keep updated all the monitoring, control and asset management solutions. Thanks to this effort, the engineer team has…

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GreenPowerMonitor US Team

GreenPowerMonitor increases its portfolio in the US and strengthens its management structure

GreenPowerMonitor has an excellent business improvement in the US where the company has multiplied its presence in many important projects. Currently, GPM US’s managed portfolio amounts up to 600MW. However,…

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GreenPowerMonitor manages new plants in Holland, Belgium and Romania

WDP chooses GPM PV + solution to manage 50 solar plants

Recently, the Belgian investment group WDP added 50 photovoltaic plants to its portfolio and GPM PV+ was the control and monitoring solution chose to manage it.These 50 facilities have a…

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Elecnor shows up its first Jordan PV plant managed by GPM

Atersa, a subsidiary of Elecnor, showed up its first solar power plant in Jordan, located around Azraq, about 100 km East of Amman. This facility has been promoted by the…

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Fabrizio Berton attended the Asset Management Day as special speaker

Las week Fabrizio Berton, Country Manager Italy of GreenPowerMonitor attended the Asset Management Day as special speaker. Fabrizio Berton’s conference was focused on real cases of asset management solutions. GPM PV…

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Tor Blackstad, special speaker at Solar Power Southeast

 Tor Blackstad, CEO of GreenPowerMonitor USA attended the 1st edition of Solar Power Southeast in Atlanta as special speaker. In a short periode of time, Georgia’s solar market increased its growth faster…

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SMA chooses GPM PV SCADA to manage its SMA Factory

GPM PV SCADA was chosen by SMA to manage the monitoring and control of  its SMA Factory located in Kassel, Germany. This GPM Solution will let SMA to have complete…

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GreenPowerMonitor increases its portfolio in UK: 450MW

GreenPowerMonitor grows progressively in the UK. If 2014 has been closed with a portfolio of 250MW, this figure is on track to double in just the first quarter of the year. Currently,…

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GreenPowerMonitor attended Solar Asset Management North America

GreenPowerMonitor attended Solar Asset Management North America the 1-2 of April. The event took place in San Francisco and the company joined it as Exhibition Sponsor. Tor Blackstad CEO in…

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