Monitoring: GPM Portal

The GPM Portal is a real-time monitoring program that centralizes all of the plant production data and status information.

It can be accessed at by going to the GPM Portal to review the current data remotely. All you need is a web browser, and you can monitor your plants from anywhere in the world. Where you can access:

  1. Alarm and notification service via SMS and email.
  2. Tools for exporting data and creating performance reports.

portada pv portal

Key Features


Configure alarms:
When a plant’s data deviates from its configured parameters, an alarm notification is automatically sent out by SMS or email.

Alarms viewable at the GPM Portal:
A red light will appear in your plant’s general information if one of its major alarms has gone off.

Manage alarms
triggered by any combination of data from the plant.


Independently monitor all data in real time from all the plant’s devices.

Get data queries and exports and comparative graphs with data that is constantly stored and updated.


With the GPM Portal you will be able to manage your entire portfolio of plants with a single tool. We grow with you.

All of your devices are monitored independently. New components can be added to your plant and monitored.


We adapt the GPM Portal to your look & feel: customizing the tool with your company’s colors and logo.

Preserves the nomenclature used in your plants: The general data will be entered from each of your plants.

Flexible Integration, we adapt ourselves to your facility. Our monitoring system will unify the data from all of your devices.

GPM Portal lets you administrate authorization levels to create various types of users with different roles.

It is available in English, Italian and Spanish.


Allows for historical data analyses to compare your plants and analyze their devices. This data can then be used to improve your plants’ performance.

Configuration of Automatic reports. These reports can include any type of list or graphic.

Receive periodic reports:
GPM Portal lets you configure reports to have them sent by email.


Our team of programmers planned periodic updates GPM Portal platform. We are continuously recycling we improve our product and adapt to new developments in the sector.

Technical Service on the operation of the platform and incident management.Let our technicians configuration, programming and management.

Associated Hardware