Wind Pill: Portfolio collation and benchmarking with GPM Horizon and the Wind Industries largest independently analysed operational database

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GPM Horizon affords wind farm owners and operators portfolio collation and benchmarking capabilities typically available only to owners of very large portfolios.

As a wind farm owner/operator, peer-to-peer comparisons are an in-valuable tool to identify underperformance within an individual wind farm site. However, there are instances where such techniques may not detect underperformance, e.g., all turbines operating sub-optimally.

With increasing portfolio size, data savvy wind farm owner and operators are afforded another tool in their diagnostic toolkit – operational and performance benchmarking at a portfolio level.

As an example, operational curves of a specific turbine platform can be compared across a portfolio to highlight deviations. GPM Horizon facilitates portfolio level insights irrespective of portfolio size by leveraging the wind industries largest independently analysed operational database.

Further, as portfolio size grows in terms of capacity, locations, turbine OEM type and technology type; e.g., solar and storage, efficient data management and portfolio operation is increasingly challenging.

The true multi-technology capability of GPM Horizon allows portfolio collation for a seamless user experience.

GPM Horizon. One tool, a world full of possibilities. 

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