Wind Pill: Improve visibility of energy-based availability with wind farm alarm/event tabulation and downtime characterisation



Operations and Maintenance contracts were initially based on time-based availability definitions.

However, from an operator and owner’s perspective, the most appropriate measure of availability is relative to possible production, i.e. a wind turbine must be capable to produce power when the wind resource allows.

This is especially true for assets subject to curtailment orders, e.g. wind direction and/or utility. Production-based availability guarantees have become more prevalent in industry such that there is now an IEC standard, IEC 61400-26-1: 2019 that provides a framework to characterise events in terms of their effect on availability.

Standardisation of availability across a portfolio allows benchmarking at the asset, O&M provider, OEM and regional level.

However, characterisation of turbine Alarms and Events from a single let alone different turbine OEMs is a formidable task.

GPM tabulates alarms/events for each turbine within customers portfolios allowing insight into issues causing reduced production-based availability.

Further, GPM Horizon incorporates multiple availability definitions including time-based, production-based and contractual giving owners the information they require to make informed O&M decisions.

GPM Horizon. One tool, a world full of possibilities.

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