Why you should have a PPC to control your PV plant in Japan

GPM Power Plant Controller

As reported in our Energy Transition Outlook, a DNV GL forecasting report on the energy future to 2050, renewable will provide almost 80% of the electricity mix. Besides, generation from Solar PV and wind will be more than 20-time today’s output and install capacity for solar PV and wind will generate 63% of the world electricity.

When it comes to Japan the context is even more favourable, as reported by the Institute of Energy Economics in Japan, the Japanese Government sets the target to introduce renewables 22-24 % of the power supply by 2030 reaching 64GW capacity being solar PV at the forefront of new installations in the recent years since the Fukushima disaster affected Japan.

In such a favourable contest for the Japan PV sector, it is important to be prepared with the right technology to monitor the plants. The technology must be compliant with the grid regulation and be able to give you direct control over all your plant devices. The rapid development and construction of PV sites have brought some headaches for the grid operators that need to manage a large number of sites that have its production peak during day hours which the demand might not be so high. This mismatch between generation and consumption is a common trend in different markets and Japan is not an exception at all, so developed technologies must help Grid Operators to control the PV assets to match the generation requested at each moment.

On this regard, GPM developed several years ago its own GPM PowerPlantController (PPC) that allows automatic and remote control of renewable assets by setpoints provided from a central Operation centre by the Utility companies. In the last years, GPM has achieved an experience of over 3GW of solar PV assets controlled by its PPC and the first unit deployed in Japan was in May 2018.


Flexibility & Grid Code Friendly

GPM PPC provides complete integration with the Grid Operators, communicating and providing the flexibility to be adapted to the demand that the Grid requires following the setpoints from the Operators without the requirement of human intervention on site.
GPM has worked with several Utilities and PCS manufacturers in Japan to allow the installation of GPM PPC to new construction sites, but also allowing retrofitting ill of existent sites that have been operational already but don’t have an automatic control such as GPM PowerPlantController.

Easy & Quick

GPM PPC interacts easily and quick with several generation units like solar inverter, wind turbines, ESS, Capacitor banks, and even diesel generators, and it allows not only control in grid-connected assets by the Grid Operator but also off-grid and hybrid systems that need to regulate and control several generation technologies in a single connection point.
GPM PPC has a very small footprint and can be retrofitted in existing cubicles with small space or installed outdoors thanks to its IP66 protection and extended temperature range from -40ºC to 75ºC.

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