Why should you use a ticketing system?

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Monitoring your assets at all levels, analysing performances, or evaluating disruptions are important factors for a good portfolio management. However, they are not the only pieces to consider. Maintenance and operation are key factors to carry out a good control of your assets and this is where an efficient ticketing system comes in.

At GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV company, we provide a helpful ticketing system to support your resource administration. Tickets allow you to execute many actions:  from detecting incidences and solutions to regulate contracts, to scheduling on-site works and performing maintenance tasks.


Why do I need a ticketing system?

 A good ticketing system improves the efficiency of your whole team. Tickets allow you to coordinate, prioritize, schedule and complete critical activities to enhance your operations, saving time and reducing costs.

Our monitoring system is the perfect solution to evaluate all portfolio information in real time. Tickets facilitate the process of your resources management by putting together alerts, devices and tasks in the same tool.


Our ticketing system

GPM has designed a flexible ticketing system to customize forms and workflows depending on the team needs. Thanks to this, it is possible to assign categories to tickets, based on the incidences you need to address, or on how you organize and store information (for example, contracts and warranties are different from scheduled maintenance actions).

Furthermore, automatic creation of tickets based on alerts not only saves timeby reducing human intervention from control room operators, but also ensures that tickets are created from accurate live data from plant devices.

One of the main characteristics of the ticketing system is its optimal experience with our monitoring solutions: GPM Horizon or GPM PLUS. Indeed, one step forward at solving your plant incidences is managing your tickets through the GPM Ticket Manager mobile app.”

The GPM Ticket Manager allows you and your operators to access and manage tickets from any location, in order to address issues and attach documents on the go. The GPM Ticket Manager is an offline app, allowing you to edit tickets when you don’t have a connection to the internet.


Ticketing system benefits

The ticketing system, together with the GPM Ticket Manager, has been developed with the aim of enhancing planning and operational actions, for both preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as to support managing incidences. The system’s flexibility allows you to connect to external applications through API integration.


Contact our experts

For more information about our ticketing system, please contact our experts: bds@greenpowermonitor.com

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