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Coronavirus_we keep working hard

Dear partner,


Please find enclosed the measures put in place by GreenPowerMonitor. The objective is to ensure the safety of employees and external partners to protect customers and stakeholders and ensure continuity of business.


In particular:

  • GPM has established a crisis team. It has been immediately activated to respond to all the requests related to the COVID-19 situation and act accordingly. Measures are always in line with the provisions of the official authorities and stakeholders. The team meets virtually, every day to follow the development of the situation. We work to protect our employees and subcontractors minimizing any risk that could affect their or others health.
  • We aim to minimize business impact, avoiding postponements and cancellations as much as we can by applying alternative service techniques. We are providing guidance on how to operate to comply with the requirements of the competent entities related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • To be cautious, we are reducing the organization of physical meetings to a minimum, using online communication and collaboration tools (webinars, skype calls, remote audits, etc.). This will continue for the time being. We are doing everything possible to ensure that all our employees and external partners comply with the above measures, through timely and regular communications.
  • DNV GL has registered till now no employee or active collaborators of DNV GL in Spain affected by the COVID-19 virus. As a precautionary measure, all our employees at the sites directly or indirectly affected by the situation are working remotely. This decision is based on the latest updates and recent instructions from the central and local official authorities. It applies to all employees at the Barcelona office.
  • In case of on-site activities at customers, each situation is assessed based on the updates from the official authorities in the area. All employees in Barcelona residing or having transited in areas where quarantine measures are applied have been exempted from service.
  • For the protection of everyone’s health and safety, GPM employees and any other third party  shall not enter Barcelona or customers’ premises in case of:
  1. flu symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties;
  2. you have passed through the ‘red zones’;
  3. you have made recent trips to countries considered a high contamination risk
  4. you have come in direct contact with person(s) tested positive for COVID-19 and/or subject to influenza symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties.
  • GPM datacenters are located in different geographic locations (Europe and US) and maintenance teams keep their 24×7 service, performing preventive measures but also ensuring operation. In case of complete failure by force majeure, GPM can follow BCP guidelines to move service to a different datacenter location.


We will keep you updated with further communications in case of new directions to be implemented from official authorities.


GPM is committed to providing the best service to its customers on a continual basis and will continue strive for this, while respecting the situation we are experiencing.


We care. We dare. We share (remotely for a while)

Yours faithfully,
Your GreenPowerMonitor Team