The Wind Pills: Minimize downtime, improve O&M transparency with wind maintenance ticketing system


Not only is a wind turbine or wind farm sitting idle a sorry sight, it is also a costly one.

Downtime represents lost revenue and a risk to contract compliance, e.g. energy offtake agreements. The maintenance ticketing system in GPM Horizon allows rapid attribution of both big and small tasks to responsible parties within and outside Customers organizations. An independent ticketing system ensures O&M transparency.



Combined with customized alerts, warnings can be prioritized and investigated prior to problems escalating into faults causing downtime. Maintenance tasks can be scheduled to ensure outages cause minimum disruption to production and that relevant personnel are informed with sufficient notice.

The maintenance log of completed tasks allows oversight of completed operations. This log can be automatically summarized at designated intervals in a distributable report ensuring timely and transparent completion of tasks.

GPM Horizon. One tool, a world full of possibilities.