The Importance of EMS/PPC for the Israel 2022-23 Solar and Storage Regulation

GreenPowerMonitor_Energy Management System_PPC_Israel market

Israel renewable energy market is set for a new leap during 2022. The recent feed in tariff tenders issued by the PUA for Solar and Storage projects turned very successful with total capacity of almost 900MW AC.

One of the main challenges of these new PPA’s is to maximize the IPP profits using Power Shifting methodology.


Each Power plant will need to be equipped with a Power Plant Controller which is now called EMS (Energy Management System). The EMS will enable the Power Shifting operational methodology and will control the power at the POI (Point of Interconnection) while adjusting the Power produced from the PV Field and managing Charging and Discharging the Storage Batteries in order to meet the Grid requirements, maximizing   profits and reserving batteries life cycles.

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company, providing Solar and Storage EMS solutions in the growing renewable energy market. After entering the Israeli market during 2020, it is now aiming to leverage its experience from the UK and Australian markets in order to support its Israeli IPP’s.

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