The Green Talks – The Power of Analytics Part 2: Specific techniques to find the missing MWh(s)

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company is glad to announce its “Green Talks”, a series of webinars where renewable energy experts and some of the key players of the sector will discuss about challenges and opportunities to transition toward a greener future.

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Date: Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Time: 10AM CEST // 12PM GST

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Throughout this session together with the participating experts, we will focus among other things on:

– Clear Sky Model and accurate pyranometer data

– Soiling Losses Case Study of actually finding the missing MWhs

– Capacity Testing not just at commissioning but throughout the life of the plant

– Pinpointing where the losses are occurring

– Automating the manual review and getting rid of Excel/back office Macros


  • Sergi Bosque, Regional Manager for Middle-East and Africa (MEA) & India at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company


  • Dr. Günter Maier, Managing Director and COO at Alteso
  • Giuseppe Ferraro, Director of Digitalization and Renewables Optimization at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company
  • Atul Pachauri, AVP at O2 Power
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