The application of the Automatic Power Reduction System implemented by GreenPowerMonitor avoids long periods of plant curtailment


Goodbye to postal service

The plants that are not under the direct control of the system operator (SO) are curtailed to 0 MW for a day or longer period of time. The curtailment is communicated via postal card.

Now, through the application of the System for Automatic Power Curtailment SRAP, “Sistema de Reducción Automática de Potencia” in Spanish, (SRAP) implemented by GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), curtailment can be automatic and does not require any prior communication through the postal service.


Purpose of SRAP

The objective of SRAP is to receive and apply 0 MW curtailment to the plant. Its implementation enables the SO to curtail the plant in real time, thus allowing the SO to dispatch 0 MW setpoints whenever it is deemed necessary and potentially decreasing the curtailment duration from days to hours.


Benefits of SRAP

With this new voluntary technical requirement, GPM offers the SRAP service in conjunction with its Power Plant Controller (PPC) and existing services. In this way the suite of solutions offered by GPM gets bigger and broader and we are able to meet client’s needs with a meaningful impact on their revenue.

The main advantage is that the curtailment periods are shorter for the plant, which translates into higher revenues for the client. In addition, this implementation has no impact on the plant’s production, which is really important for plants that are already in service.


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