GreenPowerMonitor will develope a financial control mobile App

GreenPowerMonitor will launch a finance control mobile app

Currently, GreenPowerMonitor is preparing one of the next major releases of 2016: a mobile application for financial control. The GPM´s engineering department is working on a customizable app to perform…

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GreenPowerMonitor will attend the Spain-Indonesia forum

GreenPowerMonitor attended Spain-Indonesia Forum

GreenPowerMonitor has started its Asian international development in 2012. Since then, the company has signed several commercial agreements in India, Palestine, Taiwan and Thailand, where they also have corporate offices…

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GreenPowerMonitor manages new plants in Holland, Belgium and Romania

WDP chooses GPM PV + solution to manage 50 solar plants

Recently, the Belgian investment group WDP added 50 photovoltaic plants to its portfolio and GPM PV+ was the control and monitoring solution chose to manage it.These 50 facilities have a…

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GreenPowerMonitor will manage IM2 pv plant in chile

GreenPowerMonitor will manage IM2’s new solar farms in Chile

IM2 has commissioned GreenPowerMonitor to manage the control and monitor two new solar parks under construction in the region of Coquimbo (Chile). The “SOL” project and “LUNA”project have a value…

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GreenPowerMonitor manages Jedco's new pv plants

GreenPowerMonitor expands its presence in Palestine with 16 new facilities

GreenPowerMonitor will install its control and monitoring solutions in JEDCO’s 16 photovoltaic plants in Palestine.These facilities have a global power of 1.3MW (1.300kW) and they are just the first phase…

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Humberto Roca will attend Kings Conference in the UK

Humberto Roca, COO of GreenPowerMonitor attended the 2nd Networking Conference on Solar Market in the UK

King’s Humberto Roca, co-founder and COO of GreenPowerMonitor attended the 2nd Networking Conference on Solar Market in the UK as a special speaker. The event took place on July, 7…

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Elecnor shows up its first Jordan PV plant managed by GPM

Atersa, a subsidiary of Elecnor, showed up its first solar power plant in Jordan, located around Azraq, about 100 km East of Amman. This facility has been promoted by the…

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GreenPowerMonitor increases its portfolio in UK: 450MW

GreenPowerMonitor grows progressively in the UK. If 2014 has been closed with a portfolio of 250MW, this figure is on track to double in just the first quarter of the year. Currently,…

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GreenPowerMonitor will manage San Pedro III a 33.6MW PV plant in Chile

Since its implementation in Chile in 2013, GreenPowerMonitor (GPM) has achieved great results. Recently, the company was chosen to sign a management agreement to be in charge of San Pedro…

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GreenPowerMonitor ends 2014 with 250MW in UK

GreenPowerMonitor established since 2013 in UK, the company had the opportunity to increase its presence in the British renewable energy sector thanks to important projects with some of the major…

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