Successful partnership between GreenPowerMonitor and ENcome

GreenPowerMonitor and Encome Energy PerformanceGreenPowerMonitor started a promising collaboration with ENcome some time ago and this business agreement has become a very successful partnership in few years.

Both companies began to work closely on some PV projects in Europe and thanks to the great business relationship they have been adding a huge number of PV facilities to their common portfolio.

As an example of this wonderful growth, GreenPowerMonitor and ENcome have joined 187 PV plants in France, Belgium, Italy, UK, Bulgaria and Slovenia in 2014. However, we also have to add some facilities in Germany and Spain.

Currently, the bond between GreenPowerMonitor and ENcome has created a volume of more than 100MW monitored on GPM infrastructure, with additional plants of the 200MW portfolio managed by ENcome today continuously being integrated. Definitely, this is a very positive partnership with great prospects for growth and development.