Series: GreenPowerMonitor amazing “QuaranTeam” – Logistics

GPM Quaranteam_Maria del Mar Jimenez_Logistic

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, keeps intact its commitment to high-quality thanks to its professionals. Engineers, technicians, developers … a whole team that has worked, and is working to be close to customers and their projects, more.

María del Mar Jiménez is graduated in Tourism and has developed her professional career within logistics in multinational companies from different sectors.
She has joined GPM a year and a half ago as a logistics specialist to coordinate and manage the hardware equipment shipping processes of our projects around the world.


How is the Logistics Department facing the challenges caused by COVID-19?

We had to overcome new challenges and we managed to succeed it by intensifying our internal and external communication and coordination with clients and suppliers.

Indeed, we have successfully achieved our goals: since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 70 shipments have been made within the European area, including Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In addition to these, we must add more than 50 packages to international destinations in Latin America, North America and regions of the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


What new measures have you taken?

Due to the mobility restrictions imposed by government agencies, our motto has been to have complete and clear communication to all our clients about the new rules.
Therefore, we inform them of any changes, cancellations or delays in their shipments; that has been, and it is our priority.

On the other hand, we have intensified our internal communication as well with daily interdepartmental meetings to reinforce the coordination between Logistics and the Project Managers with whom we were currently working to send hardware to our clients.


How did you manage the coordination and communication with suppliers?

That has been a fundamental process. We have carefully coordinated ourselves to avoid delays and guarantee the arrival of all the equipment at their destinations.
It is important to highlight that all the parties involved in the shipping process have been working following the restrictions under COVID-19. For this reason, it has been essential to redouble our efforts. Our goal has been and continues to be the success of our clients’ renewable projects.


How is the logistics department contributing to GPM’s success?

It is essential a good development of the logistics phase in the projects executions to satisfy our clients’ expectations.

For this reason, our effort is focused now, more than ever, on achieving maximum fluidity in the logistics processes. We work for optimal coordination between all the agents involved so that the client receives the equipment purchased in the established time and manner.

For us, it is not just simple shipments. We know that we are part of the mechanisms that work to ensure the energy transition that must offer us a more sustainable future.