Series: GreenPowerMonitor amazing “QuaranTeam” – Purchasing

GPM Quaranteam series_Purchasing Manager

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, keeps intact its commitment to high-quality thanks to its professionals. Engineers, technicians, developers … a whole team that has worked, and works to be close to customers and their projects, more.

Alessandro Zehentner is the Global Purchasing Manager of GreenPowerMonitor, and its main responsibility is to coordinate purchases internationally. Alessandro has an experience of more than 20 years in the sector.


How is the Purchasing department facing the challenges caused by COVID-19?

From the Purchasing department, we have hardly noticed any challenge. The restrictions derived from the health emergency caused by COVID-19 have had no impact on our work processes.

We have been doing an exhaustive control of the productive chain of each supplier so that deliveries have always been guaranteed. Besides, these suppliers have not stopped providing their materials at any time, therefore, GPM´s ability to execute projects has not been affected.


Which new measures have you taken?

At the organizational level, we have strengthened communication and coordination with suppliers, as well as with all the departments involved in the early stages of projects: Business Development, Project Execution and Legal.

Besides, the optimization of supplier selection has been vital for our department. This optimization process requires detailed controls and maintaining good coordination at the legal and administrative level.
During the quarantine months, this process has been kept intact thanks to everyone’s effort.


How is the Purchasing department contributing to GPM’s success?

The supplier selection and qualification process reduce production costs and help the company to be more competitive, faster and more efficient.

An efficient purchasing department guarantees a continuous flow of information within the entire internal structure, from information related to the quality of hardware components, to delivery guarantees in different areas and continents, and to the legal part of all processes.

Besides, for us, it is essential to ensure that we work with suppliers that comply with our ethical commitment: we work for a more sustainable but also more egalitarian future.