Series: GreenPowerMonitor amazing “QuaranTeam” – Project Execution

GreenPowerMonitor_ Quaranteam series_Angie Fonseca


GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, keeps its commitment to high-quality service intact thanks to its professionals. Engineers, technicians, developers, and support staff –  a whole team that has worked, and continues to work, to be close to customers and their project.

Angie Fonseca is Project Manager in the Project Execution department. She’s naval engineering graduate in marine technologies from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya. In her two years at GPM, she has led various projects in which she oversaw the planning of all actions, establishing communications, and guaranteeing their success while ensuring maximum quality.


How is the Project Execution department facing the challenges caused by COVID-19?

We are facing it as a double challenge. We always do our best to offer our clients the quality their projects deserve.

As Project Managers, we are responsible for all the projects and must achieve the established objectives by planning the activities to be carried out at the expected time, communicating with all the parties involved and guaranteeing the success of the projects.

We have always ensured that projects are executed on time and in the proper manner – nothing has changed due to the pandemic. To ensure the success of the projects we do a lot of work beforehand.

That’s more, we are used to working remotely in the Project Execution (PE) department. To do this we use various management tools that help us plan our tasks and to coordinate ourselves, which nowadays is essential to carry out our work efficiently.


What kind of new measures have you taken? We recently talked about remote commissioning, right?

Yes, we did. We have offered our clients the possibility of remote commissioning services to provide continuity and avoid delays in project development. It is something that we already did in the past, but nowadays we are fully committed to making it an everyday service.


How is it possible to implement a remote commissioning service?

We use different software to connect us remotely to the plant equipment. We send all the pre-configured monitoring equipment as well as prepare the technical documentation with photos, diagrams, and videos beforehand. Moreover, we explain all the connection and wiring processes so that everything is more practical, faster, and efficient.

We have also reached an agreement with our providers to be able to supply customers with all the necessary material the project should require.

The pre-configuration of the equipment is carried out according to the expected time as we have in-house technicians. This is because we always want the client to feel accompanied at every moment of the remote commissioning process.


So…are you more in contact with clients than before?

We have always been in contact with clients, before and now. GPM is a very customer-oriented company, the customer is our priority. We want them to be constantly informed of all the measures we take to mitigate the impact on projects.


In what ways is your department contributing to the success of the company?

Despite the challenging COVID-19 situation, the pandemic gives us the possibility to bet on our digitalization. Distance should not be considered an obstacle to complying with our standards and to carry out our projects successfully.

At the PE department, we are implementing quality controls with more frequency, reinforcing our online documentation area, adding more resources to the cloud, and applying new tools that improve time management, resource distribution, and tasks.

The digitization of our processes is essential to work for a more renewable future.