Series: GreenPowerMonitor amazing “QuaranTeam” – Data Analyst

GPM Quaranteam series_Pau Mercade_Data Analyst_FINAL


GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV GL company, keeps its commitment intact to high-quality thanks to its professionals. Engineers, technicians, developers … a whole team that has worked, and works to be close to clients and their projects.

Pau Mercadé Ruiz has a PhD in Engineering and is Data Analyst at GreenPowerMonitor for almost three years now. His department is in charge of studying operation models of solar plants based on data collection and analysis.


How is the Data Analysis department facing the challenges caused by COVID-19?

The main challenge caused by COVID-19 has been to carry out 100% remotely our daily work. We must admit that remote work is a common practice for the most of us since our team is in three different offices: our direct manager is in Copenhagen and the rest of the team is based in Barcelona and Bristol.

As data analysts, we work with digital tools that allow us to coordinate our work remotely, so we have not undergone too many changes.
Which new measures have you adopted?

We have scheduled a system of group meetings, almost daily. It has been essential to establishing new work patterns to be more connected than ever, despite the physical distance. Sharing resources, code and other work materials have been reinforced to be more agile and efficient.

Furthermore, I think that in this period it has also been very important to reconnect on a personal level with the team as well. More casual meetings have also been organized, such as “virtual coffee breaks”. It is important to keep the group spirit alive. We know that we are part of investigations that could have a very positive impact on the next developments of renewable projects.
How is the Data Analytics department contributing to the success of GPM?

Our department works to ensure that GPM and its more than 700 clients have the most advanced data analysis tools at a technological level.

The objective is to make the most of the data management services that GPM offers to provide new tools based on the analysis of the data and to be able to support customers in the optimal management of their solar assets.

As a Data Analyst, it may seem that we only have numbers and data in mind, but we are well aware that our work will help our clients in their energy transition.