San Pedro de Atacama VI solar plant will be managed by GreenPowerMonitor

atacama-SP-VIOnce again, Rijn Capital and Efacec gave again its trust in giving its management system of another photovoltaic project to GreenPowerMonitor called Pedro de Atacama VI. This 23MWp solar farm is located in the city of Calama, in the Chilean region of Antofagasta.

San Pedro VI is part of Jama Solar project, which aim is to build a 150MW solar complex, made up of six independent photovoltaic parks. Notably, the park will have 76,060 polycrystalline photovoltaic modules installed on panels with +/-55° tilt and distributed in an area of 90ha. In addition, the PV installation will be managed by the GPM PV SCADA, a local solution used in-plant which allows control over devices, communication with elements and an immediate assessment of plant status.

GreenPowerMonitor started its international expansion in Chile in 2013 from where the company developed a successful strategy in LATAM with a current portfolio of more than 620MW.
It is a truly honor to be selected by Rijn capital as managing and monitoring solutions provider in a project that will certainly be a landmark in the country’s energy development.