New projects in Panama

Cocle solarZona franca AlbrookGreenPowerMonitor arrives in Panama with two new projects. Istmo Solar has chosen GPM Solutions to manage and monitor two of its most important projects: Cocle Solar and Albrook Free Zone.

Cocle Solar project is located in Llano Sanchez, Agiaculde and it will help the National Sugar Company of Panama to reduce its energetic costs. This solar installation will have 960kW and it will produce 1.170.000kWh/year. Thanks to this clean energy the company will avoid 340t/year of CO2.

The project of Albrook Free Zone will have 100kW and it will produce over 171.000kWh/year. These figures will contribute to avoid 34t/year of CO2.

Thanks to those projects, GreenPowerMonitor starts a new strategic development in Central America and it will help the global growth of the company in the American continent.

About Istmo Solar: Istmo Solar in a company based in Panama that is dedicated to the installation of solar panels in houses and business project to generate their own energy.