How to optimize your portfolio management through a ticket system

GreenPowerMonitor_Ticketing module

Ticket systems are a very useful tool to help users manage their assets. Thanks to the tickets, you can manage a multitude of actions, from detecting and solving incidents to managing contracts, scheduling the teams’ work and even executing maintenance tasks.


Why I need a ticketing system?

A good ticketing system improves the productivity of the entire team and allows you to coordinate, prioritize, schedule and execute critical activities to improve operations, saving time and reducing costs.

Ticketing system a perfect solution if you want to access and evaluate all your portfolio information in real-time, since it connects tasks, alerts and devices, allowing you to fully manage assets, from incidents and maintenance to contracts and scheduling of the teamwork.


Our ticketing system solution

GreenPowerMonitor has designed a flexible ticketing system that allows you to customize forms and workflows based on your team needs. It is possible to create tickets taking into account their use, such as maintenance tickets, warranty claim, HSE, etc.

The GPM ticket system also allows the automatic creation of tickets based on alerts which involve a reduction of the human intervention required in control rooms and creating information from asset records.

Another of its main attractions is the optimal experience with other monitoring solutions, such as the GPM Horizon or the GPM Work Order Manager mobile application, which allows you to work with tickets without having an internet connection.

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GPM Ticketing system is a middleware between monitorization and operations. It has been developed with the aim of improving planning, assigning actions for preventive maintenance and helping to manage incidents. In addition, its flexibility allows connecting with external applications through API integration.

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