How “On-Hold” can help deal more efficiently with alarms


The renewables industry is becoming more performance demanding every day. Always aware of this, GreenPowerMonitor (GPM), a DNV company, has historically offered solutions to create an efficient Alarm Management System, and constantly stays up to date with the needs of asset-management activities.

More than 100,000 alarms are managed by our customers daily using GPM tools. For this reason, we focus all our efforts on helping our customers deal efficiently with this volume of alarms, and maintain the highest possible return on their assets.

We have been sharing experiences with Operations and Management (O&M) teams for several years. This has allowed us to address these challenges jointly and continuously, and offer the best solutions to manage this volume of alarms and be able to operate large portfolios.


Introducing the new On-Hold functionality

For the Horizon, GPM Plus and GPM SCADA products, we developed a new feature called “On-Hold”. “On-Hold” helps O&M teams better prioritize alarms in their portfolios. This GPM solution includes a quick way to set user-selected alarms to a new “On-Hold” state, either temporarily or permanently. Users can customize this function according to their needs, notably with the ability to define the length of time that the alarm should be kept on hold.

This is very handy in cases where O&M operators want to reduce the noise of currently active alarms, so they can focus on those that require immediate action. Examples of situations where operators could take advantage of this functionality can include scheduled maintenance tasks, or incoming weather issues.

“In GPM, we are convinced the On-Hold functionality allows for a better investment of O&M resources,  in turn maximizing asset revenues.” Miguel Ángel Campos Jiménez, Product Owner of GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV company.

As we continue to improve our Alarm Management System, we will keep providing O&M teams with more tools to process incidents with maximum efficiency, and as a result improve the performance of the assets they manage.


Contact our  technical representatives

If you want to know more about the On-Hold tool, you can request a demonstration with our technical representatives for a thorough presentation:


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