How GPM’s High Frequency Data Feature can help you monitor your assets nearly in real-time



GPM SCADA is a local SCADA management solution used in-plant which allows control over individual devices, can execute full plant commands, and provides real time 1-second data for all parameters.

GreenPowerMonitor executes commands for device and plant controls with local GPM SCADA servers. In combination with the GPM Power Plant Controller, GreenPowerMonitor can meet any defined control requirements needed in a renewable energy plant.

In GPM SCADA most of the data gathered by the sensors in the generation plant is sent every second. This helps control algorithms to manage the plant according to the grid standards or set points.

Currently, most of the data used in the GPM Plus and Horizon platforms is a 5/10-minute granularity. This is detailed enough when analyzing historical data, for example when analyzing the inverter’s energy production. However, when monitoring the systems’ current state (e.g. in Horizon’s monitor section), there are many situations in which High Frequency Data would be more useful.

For instance, when controlling all the plant status in a portfolio level.

GPM Business development and Product teams identified the 1 second granularity used in GPM SCADA as an opportunity of leveraging GPM’s expertise in SCADA market.

The High Frequency Data feature is a functionality that allows users with VPN connection to a GPM SCADA environment to reach a one second frequency data display in GPM Plus or Horizon.

GPM Plus is a real-time monitoring and management program that gives you the tools you need to manage every level of your extensive portfolio of plants: plant supervision and operation, maintenance management, financial and asset management, automated reporting, forecasting and so much more.

Therefore, note that the goal of this feature is to observe the assets’ current state, which means that 1 second data is not persisted in GPM Plus or Horizon data bases as raw data, its purpose is only to be displayed when the user is actively using the platform and monitoring, not to be later analyzed.

“With High Frequency Data functionalities, our customers are able to monitor their assets from GPM Horizon and Plus as if they were using a SCADA.” Andreu Pagès, Product Owner – Wind at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company.

GreenPowerMonitor_GPM Horizon_GPM Plus_High frequescy data

High Frequency Data can be configured in both GPM Plus and Horizon. The 1 second data is visualized as charts and KPIs together with 5/10-minute data and budgets.

GPM Horizon is a web-based real-time monitoring and management platform that gives you tools to manage every level of your plant portfolio:  plant supervision & operation, maintenance management, financial & asset management, automated reporting, forecasting, and much more.

In Horizon, High Frequency Data can be used in the following 3 custom or configurable widgets:

–          Single KPI

–          Multiple KPI

–          Trend Chart

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