How GPM reporting can be integrated with your Microsoft SharePoint


Having a proper system for internal documentation sharing is a key issue nowadays.

COVID-19 has dramatically increased the number of co-workers working and collaborating remotely.  Due to the pandemic situation, a tool that makes possible to organize your company’s information in an accessible manner, store, organize, share and access critical business information from any device, with a streamlined flow of information and cloud storage that can be accessed by mobile devices, has turned into a global need.

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based application widely used for document sharing, business intelligence, advanced search, content collaboration, and much more.

Simply put, the SharePoint application is one of the main common tools for sharing documentation inside (event outside) the organization.

If you operate a business that has multiple locations, it can be difficult to make sure that every employee has instant access to the business intelligence and mission-critical documents they need.

GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company has captured this necessity from the market and has focused on improving the reports modules from its monitoring and management solutions.

“By integrating our Reporting with SharePoint, we want to help our customers on the digitization road by adapting our products to our users tools and workflows” Fernando Fuentes, Product Team Lead at GreenPowerMonitor, a DNV Company.

GPM Plus is a real-time monitoring and management program that gives you the tools you need to manage every level of your extensive portfolio of plants: plant supervision and operation, maintenance management, financial and asset management, automated reporting, forecasting and so much more.

GPM SCADA is a local SCADA management solution used in-plant which allows control over individual devices, can execute full plant commands, and provides real time 1-second data for all parameters.

For both solutions, GPM has put an effort into improving the reporting features, in order to allow a created report to be sent and shared, not only to a folder inside the application itself, but also to be sent to SharePoint folder directly.

These reports can be generated in an automatic manner following a certain frequency defined by the user.

From version 2020.3 these reports can be generated and directly sent to customer’s SharePoint.

This feature allows clients to save hours of manually pasting data from different sources, and it helps everyone in the organisation to have access and visibility to all the important data in one place.

The requirements to be able to use this feature are:

  • Client’s SharePoint URL
  • SharePoint Site within the clients SharePoint (the ‘work group’)
    • Depending on the configuration of the customer’s SharePoint account (this field might not be necessary and must be left in blank).
  • Destination Folder within the Site
  • Credentials (user and Password) to access SharePoint

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