How GPM Power Plant Controller can be the solution to monitor your PV plant in India

GPM Power Plant Controller India

As reported in our Energy Transition Outlook, a DNV GL forecasting report on the energy future to 2050, renewable will provide almost 80% of the electricity mix. Besides, generation from Solar PV and wind will be more than 20-time today’s output and installed capacity for solar PV and wind will generate 63% of the world electricity.

When it comes to India the context is even more favourable: according to the Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry, renewable sources are expected to meet 40 % of India’s power needs by 2030. Policy support and increasing investment are helping to reach such a goal: more than US$ 42 billion has been invested in India’s renewable energy sector since 2014. New investments in clean energy in the country reached US$ 11.1 billion in 2018.

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy in India reported the 2019 solar capacity achievement for the Solar Power – Ground Mounted is of 31397.30 MW, and for the Solar Power – Roof Top is of 2333.23 MW. According to the installed capacity, Indian renewable energy in 2019 is ranked worldwide 4th in wind power and 5th in solar power. Besides, Solar capacity experienced tremendous growth increasing by over 8 times in the last 5 years from 2,630 MW in 2014 to 22,000MW in 2019.

In such a favourable contest for the Indian PV sector, it is important to be prepared with the right technology to monitor and control the plants. The technology must be robust, secure, safe, reliable, compliant and flexible with the grid regulations from different grid regulatory authority and be able to give you the direct and full control over all your plant devices.


Flexibility & Grid Code Friendly

GPM PowerPlantController (PPC) provides complete integration with the Grid Operators, communicating and providing the flexibility to be adapted to each of the following controls requirements of the Indian Grid Code (According to the latest CEA Guidelines).

• Reactive Power Capabilities
• Frequency Withstanding Capabilities
• Active Power Set Point Control
• Frequency Drop Control
• Ramp Rate Control
• Others

Power & Capacity

GPM PPC is part of the onsite in-plant-controller system developed to be integrated into a renewable energy (RE) power plant as the main governor which maximizes and improves the integration of the Power Plants in nowadays and future Power Systems. Our system is also capable to control and manage the Hybrid Power Plants that can contain:

• PV Inverters
• Wind Turbines
• Batteries
• Diesel Generators

Our system is also capable of regulating in severe environments like not connected grids where the plant controlled is feeding the overall consumption.

Easy & Quick

GPM PPC is easy and flexible in integration with any of the RE technologies (Solar, Wind and Batteries) with high time response requirements (e.g. hundreds of milliseconds) for the quick and fast controls over both manual and automatic commands.


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