How Custom Dashboards in GPM Horizon can improve your KPIs and ROI

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Dashboards provide a visual summary of the metrics that are most essential to you.

Custom dashboards are an open opportunity and can provide in-depth visibility to illustrate the most important insights from your data reports. They are tailor built to the specific needs of the organizations.

Each instance of a custom dashboard and its widgets can be configured to meet the needs of the intended users, who may or may not require certain features and options.

This can be useful to define specific sets of parameters to monitor (for example, monitoring data from a single type of device or a specific plant) and have this data immediately visible.

They are not yet available in the default GPM Horizon configuration. In the pursuit of delivering excellence, GreenPowerMonitor (a DNV Company) support its customer in a consultative approach through the dashboard creation. After understanding the client´s specifications, our specialized team starts to build the dashboard.

“With customized views, our customers can enjoy specific dashboards adapted to each of their teams and make sure that they can all use Horizon to manage the portfolio. .” Elia Casas, GPM Product Lead – Senior Product Owner.

The process of creating a dashboard is divided into two parts:

1.Dashboard creation: Define the basic configuration of your dashboard (e.g., name, location, etc.).

2.Widget creation: Define the widgets and their layout on a grid canvas to show the required data.

What would be the main difference between default dashboards and custom dashboards?

Default dashboards are included in our basic set up when configuring the system. On the other side, Custom Dashboards allow the client to visualize the data the way they need in each case at any level (Portfolio, Plant or Device).  This way they can make the most of their data in boost their performance.

Start with defining your preferred KPIs and the desired display.

GPM specialized team will take care of the configuration and setting up. Custom dashboards are easy to adapt to various department needs.

GPM’s flexible offer allow end-users to ask for modifications of the dashboards and can cover the requirements of every profile: Management roles, O&M’s, Asset Managers…

In conclusion, flexibility is key. We intend to offer our clients the most adapted services. One same dashboard to cover every special requirement from every profile in need.

About GPM Horizon

GPM Horizon is a web-based real-time monitoring and management platform that gives you tools to manage every level of your plant portfolio:  plant supervision and operation, maintenance management, financial and asset management, automated reporting, forecasting, and much more.

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